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Free osteoarthritis
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What are green clams?

Green clams They are molluscs that live on the coasts of New Zealand. Clams are part of the traditional ration of the local Maori aborigines. Representatives of the Maori people practically never have joint problems, even in old age. The studies carried out have shown that it is all linked to the clams with which the aborigines eat.

Clams contain a large amount of mucopolysaccharides, which in the human body are part of the intracellular components of tissue connection (including cartilage) for this very reason they have excellent effects on the joints. The procedure for obtaining the extract is a very difficult process since high temperatures and chemical components are required..

A method was quickly invented to prepare clam extract and to keep it for healing purposes. The procedure to obtain the extract is a very difficult process and takes a long time to implement. practical since high temperatures and chemical components are required.

The Hondrostrong cream formula is enriched with components with a very powerful action:

Effectively restores damaged cartilage

Eliminates joint pain, swelling and loss of sensitivity

Regains mobility to the joints

IN what is Hondrostrong better than other joint care preparations?

Today cartilage diseases such as: arthritis, osteoarthritis, polyarthritis, osteochondrosis occupy one of the top positions in the rankings in terms of diffusion among citizens. Unfortunately, lately these pathologies no longer have age limits.

In Italy the situation is catastrophic, about 50% of the population has some kind of joint problem. But the worst thing is that people prefer "non-traditional" methods of healing themselves, which often leads to an aggravation of the situation. For this reason, to prevent the situation from getting worse, there is a new preparation, currently the most effective in circulation, to treat joints and cartilage: "Hondrostrong".

To distribute the preparation to ALL the population "Hondrostrong" is sold only on the Internet on the official website. In this way, 70% of the cost of advertising on TV and 300 -400% of the surcharge of pharmacies are saved, for this "Hondrostrong" can afford absolutely ALL those who need it.

Hondrostrong is a cream based on rare green clams to restore joints

Hondrostrong is produced according to the ancient recipe of the Maori people, the people of New Zealand. The recipe is passed down from generation to generation and kept in total secrecy. The Polynesian tribes wanted to reveal it to us with the only condition that no more than 1,500 packs of cream are produced a year.

Cerdi clam extract is present, which is enriched with antioxidants, cardamom extract, amaranth oil and Ilex daughter socco.

When compared with infections, the preparation does not damage the cartilage and the structure of the joints, on the contrary it penetrates deeply thanks to osmosis and nourishes the structure and functions of the joints. This effect is achieved thanks to the secret formula "Hondrostrong".

Hondrostrong cream for the fight against joint pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis

I advise my patients with joint diseases of different types and origins and stages to use the "Hondrostrong" cream. Obviously not everyone can buy it due to limited production. The cream has a local action, penetrates the joint and acts on the resolution of the problem. The unique content of the "Hondrostrong" cream regenerates damaged cartilage tissue, eliminates pain and inflammation in damaged joints to restore their proper functioning. It is perfect for treating osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis and problems of the musculoskeletal system in general.


All test participants noticed an incredible improvement with the use of Hondrostrong cream. Nearly 90% of people got rid of arthritis. No product currently on the market for the care of cartilage and joints has ever managed to give a result even remotely similar.

Who is at risk of joint disease?

Those who already have any kind of joint problem

Advanced people who lose joint elasticity due to old age

Those who have suffered trauma to the joints and spine

Those with a sedentary lifestyle (those who spend a lot of time at the PC)

those who make efforts that fall on the joints (such as those who are overweight)


For the prevention of joint diseases, it is recommended to treat yourself regardless (over the years the joints always get worse)

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Hondrostrong, cream for the fight against osteoarthritis, arthritis and joint pain

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